Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

The world we imagine, and the bold moves we’re making to get there


A truly sustainable future where economies, businesses and communities thrive from access to the bridge of support they deserve.



To power the bridge for an equitable energy transition in Asia; through a values-led approach combining deep expertise and extensive experience in every gas-to-power development, investment and partnership.


At Bridgin Power, we are strongly guided by our core values in pursuit of advancing a just and equitable energy transition in Asia. We believe the power of this simple promise and our values-driven approach will help in fulfilling our commitment to our stakeholders.

- Dennis Foo, Group Chief Executive Officer



We are confident, courageous and eager to take calculated risks in the decisions we make.


We can withstand pressure and have the tenacity to deal with difficult situations in a positive manner.


We provide equal access to opportunities and resources for our people, for we recognise that diverse teams make better decisions.


We take pride in being a trustworthy and reliable partner, delivering on our promise to power the equitable energy transition in Asia.


We closely adhere to the principles of transparency, compliance and accountability to uphold the integrity of our institution.


We are entrusted with the responsibility and the autonomy to realise our goals and fulfill the promises we make to our stakeholders.

From sprawling smart cities to humble homes; from sustainability-first projects to cutting-edge infrastructure; from doing right by our partners to constantly exploring new innovations – we’re fully committed towards leveraging a blend of deep resources, hard-won know-how and rich experience to deliver on the promise that lives in each and every gas-to-power venture that we embark on. Our steadfast dedication is only possible because of our belief in these core values that define Bridgin Power.

Reach out to us,
we’re here to help.

Bridgin Power © 2022 All Rights Reserved

Reach out to us, we’re here to help.

Bridgin Power © 2022 All Rights Reserved