Why Bridgin Power?

Why Bridgin Power?


A new future beckons. The kind defined by a world of smart cities, interconnected economies and truly resource-conscious lifestyles.

Yet embracing this tomorrow, while minimising adverse impact to our planet is often easier said than done. And given the fast-growing but energy-starved present, there needs to be a significantly more sustainable way to map how we move ahead.

This is where natural gas comes into play; not just as an alternative energy source, but as the essential bridge fuel. Here are three key reasons why:

#1: Accessibility driven by affordability, versatility and reliability

The abundance of natural gas across geographies and advancements in extraction methods directly allow for cost-effective operations and improved use of existing gas infrastructure. Natural gas is also the most versatile fuel, utilised across power, industry, heating, commercial and transport industries — which contributes to a dynamic energy ecosystem. In terms of the big picture of the switch to clean energy, these open up opportunities for less developed nations to enjoy a fast-tracked energy transition.

#2: Strong complement to
decarbonisation efforts

The climate crisis we face today has heightened the need for decarbonising energy production and consumption as quickly and effectively as possible. The ability of natural gas to provide fast and relatively low carbon power at both baseload and peak energy usage periods means it can help mitigate demand fluctuations when it comes to renewable sources. Hence investing in natural gas isn’t necessarily in conflict with investing in renewable energy, as natural gas provides a flexible power source when conditions are not renewables-friendly.


#3: Cleanest burning fossil fuel

The fact remains that natural gas emits significantly lesser greenhouse gas emissions than coal and other hydrocarbons when used to generate electricity. Factoring in high levels of efficiency, natural gas is widely-recognised as a key catalyst in the transition to a cleaner future.


Which is why at Bridgin Power, we’re deeply committed towards pursuing strategic investments in gas-fired power projects. Led by a dedicated team of high-performing specialists and driven by a shared purpose, we’re working towards making that future a reality.


Paving the way for an equitable energy transition in Asia as one of the biggest priorities of our time — and we promise to power the bridge for it.

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