Why Bridgin Power?

Why Bridgin Power?


A new future beckons. The kind defined by a world of smart cities, interconnected economies and truly resource-conscious lifestyles. 


Yet, embracing this future, while minimizing the cost to our planet is easier said than done. With fast-growing power demands, there needs to be a more sustainable way to map our way ahead. 


This is where natural gas comes into play, not just as an alternative power source, but as the essential bridge fuel. Here are three key reasons why.

1. Lowering Emissions

The fact remains that natural gas emits significantly lesser greenhouse gas than coal in generating electricity. A latest high efficiency gas power plant would up to 60% lower carbon while providing quality baseload power.

Natural gas is widely regarded as the key catalyst in the transition to a cleaner future. 

2. Providing Reliable and Affordable Power

The abundance of natural gas across geographies and advancements in extraction methods makes it a versatile and affordable power generation resource. 

This opens up the opportunity for the emerging markets to achieve a fast-track energy transition with the support of reliable and affordable electricity from gas power plants.

3. Enabling Renewables

Gas Power is a strong complement to renewables in decarbonising the power production and combating climate change. 

As a dispatchable generation resource with high operational flexibility to follow load, gas power is a perfect solution to increase grid penetration of intermittent renewables.

Bridgin Power is committed towards pursuing strategic investments in gas power projects. We are paving the way for an equitable energy transition in Asia and promise to power the bridge for it. Led by a dedicated team of high performing specialists and driven by a shared purpose, we are working towards making a cleaner future a reality.

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